Tearing Down Data Silos and Using Marketing Automation to Increase Audience ROI

data silos

One of the biggest problems at most small to medium companies are facing are the silos that contain their customer data.These silos prevent any kind of cross marketing.  That creates a huge missed opportunity and leaves many dollars on the table.  It also stands in the way of marketing and database automation.
One of the things we are focusing on and doing right now at LSC is smashing these data silos and opening the door to marketing and database automation.

3 Ways To Cross Promote And Grow Email Newsletters Like A Boss

Grow email subscribers

Email newsletters can generate cash from ad sales, print subscriptions, digital subscriptions, event ticket sales, product sales and web traffic, all monetizeable items.
Most publishers or content companies have multiple email newsletters.  If you’re a regional publisher, you could have a dining newsletter, events newsletter, shopping newsletter, daily deals newsletter and a home and garden newsletter.  Those are all fairly common newsletter subjects for regional publishers.

Does Increasing The Number of Your eNewsletter Subscribers Make Economic Sense?

strategies for profitable email newsletters

It's a reasonable and responsible question. Will you make more money by substantially increasing your enewsletter subscriber base?
Substantially increasing your enewsletter subscriber base will come with some cost so you need to be able to justify that cost by showing the return on investment you will receive from the increase.
So let's look at the costs associated with the increase.

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