3 Ways To Cross Promote And Grow Email Newsletters Like A Boss

Grow email subscribers

Email newsletters can generate cash from ad sales, print subscriptions, digital subscriptions, event ticket sales, product sales and web traffic, all monetizeable items.
Most publishers or content companies have multiple email newsletters.  If you’re a regional publisher, you could have a dining newsletter, events newsletter, shopping newsletter, daily deals newsletter and a home and garden newsletter.  Those are all fairly common newsletter subjects for regional publishers.
There’s a lot of value in cross promotion of your email newsletters.  If you’re paying to generate sign ups via AdWords or Facebook, you know what each sign up is costing you.  If you’re not actively cross promoting, it’s likely that your subscriber lists are stagnant or growing very slowly.
Here are three ways to get your pool of existing subscribers to subscribe to your other newsletters.
There are the banner ads in your newsletters.  We all use them.  They can work well if done properly.  Banners have to deliver a benefit to the reader that really grabs them hard so that they click through.  I suggest short copy and big typefaces.  The promise of something free works well.  A premium can be a great driver of sign ups and since you’re a content creator you have the stuff to create an awesome editorial premium.
What really works well in generating signups for your other newsletters is a mention about the other newsletter right in the editorial content area of the newsletter itself.  Generally editorial email newsletters have a consistent look for their content area.   Copy that style and give the reader lots of benefits to subscribing to the additional newsletter.
So, if the style for your editorial stories is a red headline and 3 lines of black text, the pitch for your new newsletter should be the same.  Make sure that your 3 lines are full of benefits and don’t forget the link to sign up.
This method can generate a steady stream of sign ups for you.  Say you have an established dining newsletter and you are promoting your brand new events newsletter.  You’re likely to generate one subscription per week for the events newsletter for every 300 subscribers you have for your dining newsletter.
So if your weekly dining newsletter has 20,000 subscribers and you’re putting a promo piece for your new events newsletter in the editorial section of the dining newsletter, you can expect around 66 new sign ups every week for your events newsletter.  That’s 3,400 events newsletter subscribers per year.  Not bad.
Ideally you want to have a separate sign up/landing page so that you can track the source of these signups.  That will allow you test copy, offers (i.e. a free premium) and even where in the dining newsletter your promo is located.   All of these factors plus your landing page/sign up form can affect your conversion rate so they make great tests.  You can always improve your results.  My philosophy is ABT Always Be Testing.  You never know where your next win will come from.
The third way to cross promote is simply by sending your subscribers of your established newsletters an email offering the new email newsletter.  You will generate a lot of sign ups this way because your existing subscribers are already engaged with your brand and it’s likely that they enjoy your content.
The free premium incentive will work very well here as well.  Your results will vary but you can expect 20-40% open rate with 10-30% click through on these offers.  Your conversions will also be very high.
You can increase your results on the email sign up campaign by 10-20% simply by using redeployment.  If you send your promotional email on a Wednesday wait until Saturday and send it again to all the people who didn’t open the one you sent on Wednesday.  You’ll get a nice bump in your response rates.
If you’re not cross-promoting your various email newsletters in and ongoing manner, you’re giving up easy and steady growth to your subscriber lists and you’re also losing out on the revenue those additional subs will generate.
Contact me, Don Seckler (dseckler@listservices.com) and we can help you get started building your e-newsletter base today.