Tearing Down Data Silos and Using Marketing Automation to Increase Audience ROI

data silos

One of the biggest problems at most small to medium companies are facing are the silos that contain their customer data.These silos prevent any kind of cross marketing.  That creates a huge missed opportunity and leaves many dollars on the table.  It also stands in the way of marketing and database automation.
One of the things we are focusing on and doing right now at LSC is smashing these data silos and opening the door to marketing and database automation.
Normally, print subscriber data resides at an outside fulfillment house or in one of the many fulfillment software packages.  The digital edition subscriber data can be spread across various vendors in a variety of formats.  Usually the email newsletter data is in a whole separate system.  The complexity of all these various data storage systems is quite different and the ability to cross-market or even identify customers with multiple connections to the brand is very limited, if it exists at all.
We have created a Unified Audience Database for our regional content company clients.
One regional content client came to us with 60,000 print subscriber records.  30,000 of those had email addresses. They also had 1,200 digital edition subscribers with email addresses.  Plus they had a robust enewsletter program with six newsletters of varying sizes from 10,000 to 17,000 subscribers.
When we got all that data talking and made the matches on all those different pools of data we had some interesting results.  We made over 8,100 connections that we didn’t have before.   Connections between print subscribers and digital edition subscribers, between enewsletter subscribers and expired print subscribers, between enewsletter subscribers and active print subscribers and also print subscribers who had switched to a digital edition.
All of those connections led to valuable intelligence about the customers.  But the real beauty is the potential for ongoing automated database marketing programs that will generate a steady stream of new enewsletter signups, new digital subscriptions, new print subscriptions and renewal of expired subscriptions.
Our first marketing effort after the Unified Audience Database was created, increased the size of one of the key enewsletter lists for the publisher by almost 30% in just three days.  We automated that effort so that it goes out to every new name that we acquire in the database. 
We’ll be doing analysis and testing on this automated effort, but it’s as close to set it and forget it as you can get.
We will also be overlaying demographic data like household income and presence of children to the database to make the audience more marketable.  And with email address appends and physical address appends to the file we will increase the connections even further.
Once we make all of these connections and add demographic data to the file and set up marketing automation actions we enable efficient targeted marketing and drip campaigns that were just not possible before. 
If you have questions or are interested in setting up a unified audience database with marketing automation, call me today at 973-770-4668.