List Management

As a leading list management company, List Services Corporation offers the direct marketing community over 650 top performing lists and alternative media programs.

What we bring to you

Our knowledgeable and motivated sales and support staff brings experience, customer service, and a network of established relationships to a business focused on increasing our clients’ sales and profits. Our seasoned and professional sales team knows how to get the job done and maximize your list rental revenue. We develop a detailed strategic marketing plan and competitive analysis.

LSC Fits with Regional Magazines

LSC can build complex customer engagement plans, or fulfill smaller list inquiries for targeted sales efforts. Our service is uniquely customizable, allowing marketers to target their best audience.

Promotions that move the needle

  • Monthly seasonality calls with mailers about their plans
  • In-person planning sessions with top mailers and brokers
  • Media plan including press releases, email and trade publications
  • Coverage at major industry trade shows
  • Leverage existing relationships with brokers and mailers

Join Leading Regional Titles in the CityMag Masterfile: A National Co-op of City and regional magazine subscribers

The CityMag Masterfile gets you list rental revenue that was previously unobtainable by regional magazines. The Masterfile gives marketers what they've always wanted, the super affluent regional audience from coast to coast.

Plus your data will be enhanced with third party demographic and behavioral attributes that make it much more attractive to marketers. That means more revenue for you. By enhancing your data you find out more about your subscribers and increase your list’s value.

As a list management and Email Service Provider client you can take advantage of our Unified Database and market like the “Big Guys”.

COMBINING traditional & new media!

Our Unified Database solution gives you the ability to do automated database marketing to all your audiences. Plus you’ll finally know how much cross-over you have between your various buckets of data.