Email Services

The increase in ROI on email newsletters can be substantial if you put all the pieces together correctly. As a publisher you already have the great content, all you need is a great email service provider. One that allows you to incorporate marketing automation and advanced digital strategies so you can market like "the Big Guys".

With over 50 years combined experience in the email marketing space our team has seen and managed email for a large variety of clients and client types. We have experience in all aspects of email marketing from Deployment through to complex Marketing Automation integrations. We are here to serve your needs and answer your questions as they relate to the specifics of your E-Marketing campaigns from both a technical platform perspective as well as a strategic partner offering our experience and industry insight.

Marketing & Email Automation - We can set up automated promotion for email newsletter sign ups, digital & print subscription offers, even event ticket sales. Your emails can be triggered by demographics and behaviors to create a non-stop automated flow of subscriptions, sign ups and event ticket sales.

Creative Development - Our experienced Digital Marketing Services team has many years of email and publishing experience to help guide your creative development.

Best Practices Campaign Strategy - Again, our experienced Digital Marketing Services team can guide your campaign strategy to ensure you’re putting your best digital foot forward.

Custom Preference Centers - We can develop custom preferences centers that can meet a wide variety of needs. In house print fulfillment can be tied together with email to create a powerhouse preference center.

Dynamic Content & Ads - Content in newsletters including ads can vary based on any data that we have about subscribers. So for example if you have an events newsletter you can send different events to different people based on where they live so that they get events near them.

Identify Data Connections - We make all your buckets of data talk to each other. We can tell you if someone is on multiple newsletter lists and your print subscribers, digital edition subscribers and event ticket buyers.

Advanced Digital Strategies - We can use lead scoring to track when a person comes from your newsletter to your website and then send them an email. So for example if a person comes to your website from your dining newsletter and visits five food related pages on your website, that activity can trigger an automatic food related subscription offer. We can automatically append email addresses to new print subscribers. We can append demographic data to your email newsletter subscriber so you can finally have a demographic profile of your enewsletter subscribers.

Using our enterprise level platform, Silverpop, you get 99% deliverability, dynamic content, redeployment, complex query based auto-deployment and email triggers, dedicated IP address, custom report packages, shopping cart abandonment solutions and more.