Email Services

The increase in ROI on email newsletters can be substantial if you put all the pieces together correctly. As a publisher you already have the great content, all you need is a great email service provider. One that allows you to incorporate marketing automation and advanced digital strategies so you can market like "the Big Guys". Read more

List Brokerage

Direct mail response is 20% Creative, 40% Offer and 40% List Section and targeting. LSC Makes the most of that 40% by doing top notch mailing history analysis. Plus our proven-successful zip code model and integrated data-processing raise your response rates and make sure your process is smooth and seamless. Read more

List Management

As a leading list management company, List Services Corporation offers the direct marketing community over 650 top performing lists and alternative media programs. Read more

Unified Database

If you're like most small and medium sized publishers you've got a data silo problem. You have all sorts of data buckets and have no ability to have those data buckets talk to each other. You have print subscribers, a couple of email newsletters, a digital edition, event attendees and others. But you have no way to cross-market amongst your data groups. Read more